Sunday, August 12, 2012

American Made

Halito Fellow Typospherians and Collectors of Antiquated Relics!

This is the first entry to my new blog. They probably won’t come but once a week for an undetermined time. At present a typewriter is absent from my life. When I was in grade school and on through high school (I’m talking going on three decades here) I had a portable I was rather fond of. As with people, so too items have come and gone from my life, the old portable was no exception. Until one crosses my path again these posts will be computer generated.

I love antiquated, ancient relics. I like them because most objects made eons ago were built to last, unlike today’s computers, printers, cell phones, kitchen appliances, automobiles, relationships, and old fashioned, honest to goodness freedom which is currently built to be consumed and thrown away within a limited amount of time. I am particularly found of those glorious wonders conceived, produced, and distributed in the U.S. of A. The American Made label is near and dear to this heart!

I would like to say there is one particular object of my passion, but there are simply too many wonders to put one above another. I cherish old books that have yellowed pages, a solid spine, and some lovely inlay on the cover or a unique sketch inside. I also cherish old books that ring a cord in me, such as an old how-to that gives step-by-step instructions for a dying craft or skill set. An old Star Trek book falls into this category. I like old reprints of sketches and photographs; old quilts; some select old nicknacks. I adore old jewelry, coins, buttons, picture frames, furniture, mirrors, some dishes, some of the old, old dial phones, and so on and so forth.

Other things I like that are unable to fit into the antiquated relic category are colored pencils, felt pens of all sizes and colors, and graphite pencils. These are dear to me because one of my passions is sketching. I like to mix some of these mediums, and sometimes I prefer not. I like the feel of paper, be it intended for sketching or writing. Since my other passion is writing the last should make good sense.

I have collected quite an assortment of the above through the years, but separated from them in ’08 when I officially cleansed myself of just about everything I owned and moved from California to Alabama. It is best you forgo asking me why I would do such a thing. My right mind had temporarily escaped me. Just before the losing of my rationale I had also collected cats, or perhaps I had already separated from it while in the throws of collecting said cats. At any rate, my rationale had failed me miserably. When the significant other passed away I felt a great need to be rid of everything, so away it all went!

So, here I sit in the great state of Alabama (not) writing this first blog entry. I’m stuck, as one might say. Stuck and can’t for the life of me get away. Try as I may (and I do) I can’t earn enough money to dislodge myself from this interesting, beautiful, and most definitely often frightening and deadly place. I take comfort in writing, sketching, playing with the grandson, and knowing the work I do serves a purpose.



(A.K.A. Bell Stone)

(A.K.A. Angel Dispatch)


  1. What does 'Adadogli' mean?

    And I know the history of all of that. x.x Hindsight, eh? Perhaps a change-even a small one-will come your way soon.

  2. Oh yes, the history of my mistake of epic proportions! If only hindsight could change the present. I'm working on the small change. Taking Wednesday off with my supervisor's approval to job hunt, and she KNOWS why I'm taking the day off. It's sad when even your supervisor agrees a change in jobs is in order for one's financial survival. The job is the key to EVERYTHING; money, time, energy, attitude...

    It's a shame, I love my job and have never enjoyed one like I do this one.

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  4. Oh, Adadoligi, more or less means may nothing bad come your way or happen to you. It all depends on who is saying it, to whom it is said, and the circumstances under which it is said. It is a Choctaw word.