Saturday, September 15, 2012

Correspondence from Annalese

This is the first correspondence I've received thus far. I'm very excited because I got something VERY special in this one. Following is the correspondence itself:
The postcard front is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
And it all arrived inside of the case with typewriter, the Smith-Corona Super Sterling on the right. Thank you Annalese! The typewriter is significant because I had a portable Smith-Corona as a child and Annalese wanted to replace that long-lost item from my former life. The postcard is significant because both of my sons served in Iraq. The eldest served from 2004-2005 in the Army in Baghdad. My youngest served from 2006-2007 in the Marines in Fallujah. My youngest was wounded when a carbomb blew up in his face. He is doing REALLY GREAT though. Now I have a typecast blog under PuperBundler at hope to see you there! Bell


  1. I'm very glad it found its way to you safely! After typing the little bit I did on the Sterling, it makes my Rand seem primitive and the action savage. I typed four pages on it tonight and my hands are positively aching! I think you'll enjoy it and really get a lot of use out of it; it's an awesome typer!

  2. It is an AWESOME typer and I LOVE it! I did notice my wrists hurting just a little yesterday after typing the initial typecast. But, that's to be expected no matter what I do. I enjoyed the typing and discovered there is a certain base thrill to be had pounding the keys. I actually didn't want to stop. I do feel for you after typing so much on your Rand, maybe you might want to use that savage for special occasions.